“Embracing hospitality, the art and science of making guests feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed, is mandatory in the restaurant and hotel industries. Establishments that can’t broadcast hospitality with passion and grace don’t survive. Yet builders and developers don’t realize that it is equally critical to create and foster hospitality in residential communities of every ilk.
How so? In hotels and eateries, guests who feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed enjoy themselves and become a source of repeat business. In restaurants and bars, they stay longer and order more—often high-margin desserts and drinks. Simply put, hospitality spurs sales.
But the stakes are higher for builders and developers. In residential development, hospitality not only fosters interactions between residents and builds community—it spurs conversion. Potential residents or homeowners who feel at home when they walk into a multifamily or condominium building, or the community center of a development, are already on the way to conversion. And they’re certainly much more likely to have a more positive reaction to the model home they’ve yet to see…”

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