Product Update: Schedule for a brief in-person or phone meeting with Amelia about product lines or services.
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Select Appointment Type: In-Person Product Update  or  Over-the-phone Product Update

Library Update: Schedule to update binders and/or other literature and samples. Upon arrival, please check in at reception.

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Lunch and Learn: To schedule an office-wide lunch and learn please contact Dee at office@kooarchitecture.com
Wine and Cheese: To schedule an office-wide evening wine and cheese please contact Dee at office@kooarchitecture.com

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  • Please try to find a date/time using the scheduling tool above.
  • Additional appointment date/times are available by special request for out-of-town reps, etc.
  • Email Amelia Hoover at ahoover@kooarchitecture.com to schedule a meeting at a different time than those listed in the scheduling tool above. 
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